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Well, after years of “maybe one day”, I’m finally getting around to this. My plan was to use this as a way to review great events I go to, and also as a place to put up weekly shines and turn patterns that I teach at Latin Dance Australia in Sydney every Tuesday night. I always found it useful when I found things online when I was 1st learning years ago, and I’m assuming I’m not the only nerd out there 🙂

Just so you all know who I am, my name’s Ulysses Maclaren, I’m originally from London, and I’ve been teaching Salsa (and occasionally other street latin styles) in Sydney since 2005 and I absolutely love it. In my other life, I’m the General Manager of Sydney’s Leading .NET Software Development house, SSW.

I’m a 10 times Australian Salsa Champion in both Shines and Partner-work, and Jasmin and I have competed at three World Salsa Championships in Puerto Rico, Las Vegas and Miami. Our team is also 4 times Australian Bachata Champions, and 2013 World Bachata Champions.

If you’re interested in a private lesson, please contact me on or 0419 418 232.

Ok so hopefully you now know enough about me to at least trust my technique… so I suppose I should put in a video to give you some usable content.

  1. love it Ulysses, about time someone in Australia started blogging about the Latin scene..

  2. love ur site uly…………

  3. Hector permalink

    Greetings from Long Beach, CA, USA. Thank you for your Top 10 Salsa listing. I really like El Preso’s song. It’s a great addition to my DJ song collection. Have fun! Hector Chavez

  4. Joey permalink

    Your videos on youtube are of great use to me in the social scene. They are very leadable moves.
    More power to you!!!

  5. Hi there, I am Tara, a recreational belly dancer and Argentine Tango dancer who is learning salsa. Thanks for the list of best salsa songs. I will contact you for a private lesson if I am ever in Sydney

  6. ravi permalink

    vowwwww its awesome 🙂

  7. Omar Valerio M. permalink

    Nice to see another nerd.. I’m just very curious because although I have no statistics to prove it. I assume, somehow, computer software/hardware related guys and school teachers (mostly women) are very well represented within the latin social dance scene.. Congrats for your SCRUM & thanks for sharing the lessons with us. I found sometimes the lighting is poor, what you think? Also congrats to your dance partners, they are all very beautiful and know how to dance very sexy and they are definitely the stars of the show, because you have just bad dressing taste buddy!

    Again thanks for sharing and keep them coming!! If you ever happen to visit Germany, drop me a line. I would like to buy you a beer as a token of gratitude.

  8. Lizzy Gingerich permalink

    Fact: I would not be caught dead, dancing, because when I was 13, I had a Bad Slip And Fall Accident, at a Seattle, Washington MC Donald’s Restaurant, (Their Fault, Wet Floor, No Wet Floor Sign) YEARS Ago, And I’m 43 Now, And My Right Knee, IS Messed Up Because Of THAT MC Donald’s Restaurant, South Of Seattle, Washington. (the Seattle, Washington Lawyer/Attorney, DISMISSED MY CASE.

  9. Lloyd B permalink

    Hola Ulysses. What happened to your Video Posts? I hope you are not sick or injured! Get well soon if this is so! I look forward to seeing you latest video post. Take care. Lloyd B from Los Angeles

    • Sorry mate, it’s been a hectic few weeks and I didn’t get round to posting them… the last post has 6 videos in it to help catch up and I should be back on schedule now 🙂

  10. Lloyd B permalink

    Thank you mate. Good to hear you are well! Take care. Lloyd B from Los Angeles

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