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Top 10 Zouk Lambada Songs of all Time

August 26, 2011

Zouk is a beautiful style of music and dance, and it’s one of those real “experience and feeling” styles where how you feel while dancing it is as important as what you do. Just to be clear, I dance the Brazilian style of Zouk, which is why I called it Zouk Lambada rather than just Zouk (which is another style from the French Caribbean).

My hope is that those looking to get hold of some great Zouk music will find it here. Australia is now a hotspot for Zouk dancing and it’s spreading all over the world due mostly to just a few very talented dancers and teachers who can inspire others through their connection. Allan Dantas (LDA’s top Zouk teacher in Sydney) is one of these and he gave me a few of these tracks for some initial inspiration.

  1. Gage –  L’Homme D’Une Femme
  2. Massari – Real Love
  3. Enigma – In The Shadow, In The Light
  4. Anselmo Ralph – Um Dois
  5. Mafie Zouker & Enigma – New Era
  6. Xavier Naidoo – Wo Willst Du Hin
  7. Lopes – Don’t Keep Me Waiting
  8. Cox – You
  9. Johnny Ramos – Silhueta Linda
  10. Mafie Zouker & Paulo Mac – Mais Que Prazer 

Please comment with any of your favourites that I’ve missed and I’ll add them in if I agree.

Here are some of the recommendations I’ve added to this list since I first posted. Some I’ve replaced previous top-ten-ers with and others are below:

  1. Anselmo Ralph – Ha Quem Queira (Zouk mix)
  2. Alicia Keys – Unthinkable (Zouk Mix)
  3. Mafie Zouker – Jaleo
  4. Massari – Gone Away (CP Remix)
  5. DJ Max Blacksoul – La Vie
  6. Anselmo Ralph – Não Vai Embora
  7. Mafie Zouker – Garde Moi 
  8. Nelson Freitas ft. Kaysha – Deeper
  9. Paulo Mac – Vontade de Amor

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  1. Michael B permalink


    You’ve compiled a great list of classics that show the breadth of songs that can we can dance [Brazilian] Zouk to. There are also some fantastic new remixes coming out by Mafie, Nyx, Kadu and DJ Big Zouk (a DJ from Spain, linked to Spiral Dancers) – all are really pushing the boundaries with where Zouk music is heading. At the Prague Zouk Congress 2 weeks ago Mafie was playing some of his new tracks from his soon-to-be-released album and they blow your mind!!! So many layers within the music – a dream for Zouk dancers!


    A few of my new favourites:
    – Talk to Me – Nyx
    – Ha Quem Queira – Anselmo Ralph –> DJ BigZouk remix
    – My Hands – Leona Lewis –> DJ BigZouk remix
    – Now or Never – DJ Shah –> Mafie Zouker remix
    – Crazy Love – Ne-Yo –> Kadu DJ remix
    – Unthinkable – Alicia Keys –> Kadu DJ remix
    – Near to You – A Fine Frenzy —> Zouk remix [by ??]

    And some other classics:
    – You – Cox
    – Gone Away (CP Remix) – Massari
    – La Vie – Max Blacksoul [blows your mind!]
    – Masterkey – Mafie Zouker [always a classic!]
    – Mais que um amigo – Mafie Zouker
    – Não Vai Embora – Anselmo Ralph

    Enjoy! 🙂

    • Thanks Michael,

      I love some of these and I’ve edited the list to put up the ones I could find on youtube. Thanks for the ear candy 🙂

      I need to get Kadu to send me some of his best remixes, then I can post them on youtube and link them here.

  2. Sach permalink

    Thanks Uly. Appreciate it 🙂

  3. Ohwii permalink

    Hey here is an other one which is very good.

    Paulo Mac- Vontade de Amor

  4. Great selection, guys!

    I have just started a site where I collect all zouk music as it passes by and as I find any new resource 🙂

    Hope u will like it 🙂

  5. mizz permalink

    where can i buy some zouk lambada cd’s or mp3’s???

    • iTunes is your best bet, but otherwise find a DJ you like and google them. e.g. Mafie Zouker sells CDs on his website

  6. Peter permalink

    Hi guys love the blog. Can someone PLEASE help me? Im in love with this song but do not have a clue as to what it is called!?
    If someone can provide an artist and title, that would be AWESOME!
    Its a japanese song from Kadu/Larissa’s workshop. Here is the link

  7. Great songs. I just created download classes at my site 4 beginners so they they can get started even if they don’t have classes near them. Pass it on please. Thanks!

  8. Bryan permalink

    Here are just some Zouk tracks I like:

    Daan Junior – Avew
    Abege – I like it (feat Kaysha)
    Kaysha – You Are Magical – Nilson Pro Remix

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