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Advanced Salsa Move #10

July 15, 2011

One question I get asked a lot when dancing and teaching with my usual partner, Jasmin, is “Could you do that move if there was more of a height difference?”

Well, this week I taught with the aptly named Little Liz who comes in at approximately 5 foot tall to my 6 foot 4, so here’s your answer… it’s possible. If you have to do a move for a choreography, you can get away with it by using techniques such as staying very close to your partner, her having relaxed arms, and bending your knees at key moments… but honestly, when I dance with Liz socially, I generally avoid moves like this.

The lesson for today is pick your moves based on your partner. If she’s great, give her lots of spins and room to style, if she’s a beginner, guide her through the dance and help her feel coordinated. And finally, if she’s much shorter or taller than you, use appropriate moves that don’t strain either of you too much.

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