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Top 10 Bachata Songs of all Time

July 6, 2011

This week in the Advanced Salsa Class at LDA, we did a recap of the past 4 salsa moves to help people remember them, so there’s no new move for this week. in the meantime, here’s my favourite 10 Bachata songs.

Not being a big listener of Bachata in general, I got help from Australia’s most influential Bachata teacher and promoter, and one of the directors of the Sydney International Bachata Festival, Nestor Manuelian. Half of these are his choices.

  1. X-Treme – Te Extraño
  2. Luis Fonsi – No me doy por vencido
  3. Aventura – Peligro
  4. 4Ever – Porque Te Amo
  5. Don Omar ft Hector El Torito – Maldito Email
  6. Domenic Marte – Deseos de Amarte
  7. Aventura – Obsesion
  8. Zacarias Ferreira – Amiga Veneno
  9. Prince Royce –  Mi Ultima Carta
  10. Aventura – Dile Al Amor

As you can probably tell, I’m more of a fan of the newer stuff than the old traditional stuff, although I expect  a proper roasting when I put this up on Facebook 🙂

Update: As expected, A number of other great songs have come up in since I posted this, so for completeness’ sake, here’s another few great Bachata songs:

  1. Monchy y Alexandra – Dos Locos
  2. Juan Luis Guerra – Bachata Rosa
  3. Monchy y Alexandra – Hoja en blanco
  4. Aventura – Mi corazoncito
  5. Anthony Santos – Por Mi Timidez
  6. Zacarias Ferreira – Me Libere
  7. Mojito Project & Romy feat. Croma Latina – Te Quedas Te Vas
  8. Grupo Rush  – Jasmine
  9. Sarah Connor – From Sarah with Love
  10. Edward Maya – Stereo Love Bachata Mix
  11. Aventura – Our Song
  12. Aventura – Ensename a Olvidar
  13. Romeo Santos Feat. Usher – Promise
  14. Romeo Santos – Propuesta Indecente
  15. Américo – Te extraño

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  1. Hey Uly, nice to see you talking about Bachata :). And yes, do you have a very modern taste. These are some Bachatas that were a hit and that influenced the industry to what it is today (most of this songs date back to late 90’s). I’m sure you will remember those songs!

    – Monchy y Alejandra – Dos locos
    – Aventura – Obsecion
    – Juan Luis Guerra – Bachata Rosa (even though it is mostly a Bolero)
    – Moncy y Alejandra – Hoja en Blanco
    – Aventura – Mi corazoncito
    – Antony Santos – Por mi timidez
    – Zacarias Ferreira – Me libere

  2. Thanks Juan,

    I’ve updated the list to add your choices in. There’s some great ones in there… you may well have even better taste than Nestor (but don’t let him know I said that 🙂 )

  3. Josie permalink

    Thanks for sharing Uly! I like your updated list!

  4. Chris Magill permalink

    Yeah dude. Number 8 in your 2nd list was critical. If you hadn’t included that it would’ve been crucification for you my friend.

  5. Crazy permalink

    Uly!!! OMG I google searched top bachata songs and this was the first link that came up!!! How random. Regards, Crazy!!!

  6. Reb permalink

    You almost killed me… in earnest I went in here to get top 10 Bach and then I just spotified…. my heart is till pounding in fear.

  7. Lucia Reeser permalink

    Some Romeo Santos?

  8. mauro permalink

    Buenos Temas……………….AQP

  9. This list is awesome! I some how forgot who did Te Extraño… found that and more.

    Here are two great mixes filled with Bachata. (just a few greats, plus some salsa and dub) (more than 90 songs)

    Muchisimo gracias pa’ este listo bien chulo!

  10. someone who doesn't understand permalink

    This list is straight up trash.

    Michael Buble?
    Sarah Connor??
    Edward Maya Stereo Love Bachata Remix?????

    • Absolutely agree. Any suggestions for replacements? I’ll happily update it. These were just the ones I liked at the time 🙂

      Sent from my iPhone


  11. John permalink

    What happened with Luis Vargas Again?

  12. Felipe permalink

    Heard these?

    Romeo Santos feat. Usher – Promise
    Américo – Te extraño

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  14. Gaby Pamela permalink

    I completely disagree with this list. Luis Fonsi is not bachata. Teodoro is not even in this list. Frank Reyes, Luis Vargas … No no no.

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